Lincoln Kader

Lincoln Kader was a passenger on the Long Runner, a brinker returning home to the outer system. During the multiple situations the group was facing, the life support monitor for Kader’s hibernation pod began sending alerts, but was overlooked as other struggles had higher priority.

Upon docking, a crew of cleanup agents (Firewall) ran a sweep of the ship after all passengers disembarked. Kader’s hibernation pod was opened and exsurgent spores were loosed, infecting all the agents. All agents, spores, and Kader’s remains were incinerated on ship.

Later checking by Firewall revealed that Kader was a fake identity in a stolen morph. The ego controlling the morph was found to be an escaped(?) A.I. that was presumably trying to make it to the outer-system to live a harsh but anonymous life in a body.

There is still serious concern as to where the A.I. came from and where it contracted the virus.

Lincoln Kader

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